As is. Full stop.

Curvy Yoga is body-affirming yoga for people of all shapes and sizes.

The reason we teach yoga in a way that works for your body isn’t so you can get a cool picture for Instagram (though that can be fun!).

The reason we teach yoga in a way that works for your body is so you can have a place to practice being on your body’s side on a regular basis.

Because that can truly be life-changing.

The word Curvy in lights

Here’s how we support you in making yoga work for you here at Curvy Yoga:

  • Instructions and encouragement to take up all the space you need both on and off the yoga mat
  • Information on how to use a variety of yoga props (tools) to make poses more accessible
  • Examples and love for moving your belly, making space for your bum, and avoiding death-by-chest-smoosh in poses
  • Invitations toward embodiment, or being present in your body, through opportunities to notice what you’re feeling
Wide legged forward bend

What we’re interested in when you practice yoga:

  • What you notice and how you feel
  • Making space for your whole body and full self
  • What your breath is doing
  • How you connect with yourself
  • Finding inner ease even in challenge
  • How you speak to yourself

What we’re not interested in when you practice yoga:

  • “Achieving” poses
  • Keeping up with anyone
  • Working so hard you grimace or hold your breath
  • What your pose looks like
  • How your pose compares to someone else’s
  • How fast you can go
Anna down dog

We know what it’s like to need to make some space for your belly in poses (and how freeing it can be when you do!).

Giving ourselves permission to take up the space and get the support we need has changed our lives and the lives of so many of our students both on and off the yoga mat.

And we want that for you, too.

  • 10+ years of online yoga teaching
  • 350+ videos (and counting!) from 5- to 60-minutes in length

What’s Included in Your Membership

  • New practice videos weekly to keep your practice fresh and to keep you inspired
  • Apps! We have mobile apps for iPhone and Android and TV apps for Roku, Apple TV, AndroidTV & Fire TV
  • Immediate access to our ever growing library of 350+ practice videos from 5- to 60-minutes in length with the ability to favorite videos and create your own personal collection of practices you love
  • Easy casting from your device to a television with built-in Chromecast and Airplay options from every video
  • Monthly practice calendars with suggested daily practices if you want to just hop into the Studio and press play without having to pick a practice
  • Immediate access to our beloved practice collections, including No Getting Down on the Floor Required, Body Affirming Flow, No Yoga Props Required, Strength Building, and many more
  • Weekly emails with new practice updates, resources to support your practice, opportunities to request practices, and more!

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