Showing Yourself Compassion

The Stretch 2 | Month 1, Week 2 Exploration this week: Ahimsa (compassion) There are plenty of things I’m good at and happy to claim — I think in systems and am very organized, I write snail mail thank you … Keep Reading

Now The Yoga Begins

The Stretch 2 | Month 1, Week 1 Exploration this week: Yoga Sutra 1.1 — Now the yoga begins You might know that I’m a BIG reader. Like a read 100+ books a year kind of reader. One of the … Keep Reading

Between Seasons

Hi there, Welcome to Curvy Yoga Studio! We’re so glad you’re here! Here at the Studio we work together in seasons we call The Stretch. The Stretch is a four-month practice cycle that includes three months of conversation and support … Keep Reading

Should to Could (The Stretch | Month 3, Week 3)

This week I’m sharing about taking the long-view of your yoga practice using the idea of moving from should to could. To get the background on that, click here (and subscribe to get the rest of these emails right here.) Here are this … Keep Reading

What is The Stretch?

If you . . . Have an existing yoga practice Have at least some experience with body acceptance Or want to know more about both before committing Then The Stretch is for you. (And it’s free.) Yoga + Body Acceptance … Keep Reading