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Do you know where tension goes in your body? We all have our own... watch video
Sometimes when you just can’t even, the idea of moving feels like the last... watch video
When you’re stressed, you’re likely to find that you’re breathing shallowly or even holding... watch video
This balance-focused practice is all about both coming back to center and learning how... watch video
Some days you just need to move your body and shift your energy. This... watch video
Only have a few minutes but still want to get your body moving and... watch video
If your hands/wrists are bothering you, or you just don’t want to fold forward... watch video
Want a quick practice to move your back in all directions and get grounded?... watch video
Just feel like moving? This practice is for you! We build on sun salutations... watch video
This accessible flow practice will get your body moving while you play with various... watch video
This 10-minute practice is great for beginners as well as if you’ve been away... watch video
This 10-minute practice is for those times when you don’t want to get on... watch video
Want to start your day with yoga but not quite ready to get out... watch video
Do you have sciatica or piriformis syndrome? Or do you have no idea what... watch video
Do you ever feel like you’re out of sync with yourself and need to... watch video
When life is guided by intention, it makes it simpler to choose what best... watch video
Yay — so glad you’re here giving Curvy Monthly a whirl! We’ve poured our... watch video
We always recommend that you consult a doctor before beginning any movement program. In addition, we advise you to follow our “If it hurts, don’t do it” philosophy. Take care of yourself, use kindness as your guiding principle and let us know if you have questions.