What is The Stretch?

If you…

  • Have an existing yoga practice
  • Have at least some experience with body acceptance
  • Or want to know more about both before committing

Then The Stretch is for you. (And it’s free). Read More

Video of the week

Put a Pigeon On It

This week we’re playing with finding what best supports you in various poses. So to get that started, try this video with all kinds of variations for a pose that shows up in many classes — Pigeon!

Track of the week

parrot (in background) Your Yoga, Your Way

Your Yoga, Your Way

Many challenging yoga poses are taught with one or maybe two steps, which can make them unnecesarily intimidating and frustrating. In the videos this week, there are options to explore 3 different poses — in many different ways! The goal is to bring an attitude of curiosity and meet your body exactly where it is today.

Blog Post of the Week

Candle in a heart

Looking at Yoga through a Different Lens (The Stretch | Month 3, Week 2)

This week I’m sharing about one of my favorite yoga questions. To get the background on that, click here (and subscribe to get the rest of these emails right here.)