Between Seasons

Welcome to Curvy Yoga Studio! We’re so glad you’re here!

Here at the Studio we work together in seasons we call The Stretch. The Stretch is a four-month practice cycle that includes three months of conversation and support followed by one month of rest and integration. We’re in that rest time now!

To learn more about what we’re up to with The Stretch, click here. Our next round will be starting May 14th. Read More

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Curvy Yoga Practice

This video ties together how I see yoga and body acceptance connecting — through presence, getting curious, challenging any negative beliefs that pop up, and affirming your body.

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Ropes tied in a knot

Tying it All Together

As we head into our month of rest and integration, these videos can remind you of where we’ve been and anchor you into what’s true for you now.

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2 triangles (get curious, challenge)

Curvy Yoga Practice (The Stretch | Month 3, Week 4)

This week I’m sharing about wrapping up the first round of The Stretch! To get the background on that, click here (and subscribe to get the rest of these emails right here.)