What is The Stretch?

If you…

  • Have an existing yoga practice
  • Have at least some experience with body acceptance
  • Or want to know more about both before committing

Then The Stretch is for you. (And it’s free). Read More

Video of the week

Sigh It Out

You can almost feel the relief from just reading the word sigh, can’t you? This video will help you deepen that with breath work!

Track of the week

breathe and learn

Breathe & Learn

The breath can be an incredible teacher — showing us our patterns, where we’re holding back, where we can let go, and more. This week’s videos offer you different opportunities and techniques to see what your breath has to teach you.

Blog Post of the Week

Clouds on mountains

Learning From Your Breath (The Stretch | Month 2, Week 2)

This week I’m sharing about how learning about and experimenting with your breath can give you a way to get to know your body better. To get the background on that, click here (and subscribe to get the rest of these emails right here.)